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Nevada Fish Reports – Chad Woods

About "Nevada Fish Reports" was launched in 2016 to provide updated fish reports for the Silver State.  Our website includes fish photos, fish plants, and maps for popular fishing spots throughout Nevada.  Our reach has expanded every year and we look forward to having one million page views in the future.  If fly fishing is your passion we have many informative reports from local guides.  Nevada’s diverse environment provides anglers with many fun and different opportunities.  Stay tuned for current information for your favorite fishing spots from Lake Tahoe to the Colorado River and all over rural Nevada. 

About Your Host Chad Woods

“I have been an avid outdoorsman since a young age.  In the early years, I would backpack in the Sierra with my father fishing the mountain lakes.  I have also had extensive fishing time in the Eastern slope from Lone Pine to Davis Lake and everything in between.  Ocean fishing is my favorite for table fare. I enjoy catching: Salmon, White Seabass, Halibut, and any tuna that will bite!  Since 2000, I have been providing fish reports to anglers all over the West Coast.”